The stony square

Well, this is a common square in the middle of my town
very traditional as many can be found
along the path opened by the Spanish Conquestor
looking for the golden king, whom I call my ancestor.

There is the church building with a small bell tower,
there is the township office with the national flag over,
and along the stony lanes of an almost perfect square
coffee stores and restaurants, a bank and a hotel.

And just not in the middle but closer to the edge
there is a stone-carved fountain but the water is nowhere,
however, is the spot that many like the most
to picture themselves as tourists or couples deep in love.

But the square is unique in a particular way
because is large in size and my town not the same,
and all over is paved with stones and rocks from rivers
that are not running longer or to memory forbidden.

Sure, there is something magic that keeps the rocks together
driving crowds year-round to step on for whichever,
and bring a slice of time back to home with this square
unaware that from a corner I enjoyed watching them.

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